Smart Cities & Communities

A city is smart if it intelligently manages economic activities, mobility, environmental resources, relationships between people, housing policies and the administration method. So, the “smart” appellation should not only be connected to the presence of information and communication infrastructures, but also to the enabling role of such technologies for the balanced and sustainable development of human capital.

RAIE can provide scientific and technological support in various fields:

  • Smart Environment
    Technical solutions for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability with the aim of reducing the human impact on the environment.
  • Smart Living
    Innovative solutions to improve the fruition of the artistic, cultural and environmental resources of the territory both for tourists and for citizens.
  • Smart Governance
    Promoting transparency and openness of the public administration through solutions for administrative simplification, digitalisation of processes and procedures and for the access of citizens to public affairs.
  • Smart Mobility
    Solutions to transform urban mobility into smart mobility, in favour of greater liveability, through the adoption of advanced mobility management and infomobility solutions.