Life Sciences

The “Life Sciences” industry employs 1.4 million people in the EU; The sector is growing faster and strongly, both in well industrialized countries (USA, Europe and Japan) and newly industrialized countries (Brazil, Korea, China, etc.) as well as in developing countries. Human health is considered as one of the most dynamic sectors in the world, both for the raising the life expectations for the population and the greater impact of chronic diseases. Health demand is growing in both rich and developing countries.

RAIE can provide scientific and technological support in various fields:

  • Sensors and devices
    Development of advanced sensor technologies for the implementation of devices to monitor patients’ status, both wired and wireless. Development of smartphone applications for real-time monitoring of the current state of care, thanks to sensors and chips connected to patients.
  • E-Health (E-Care, Telemedicine)
    Development of advanced technological solutions for human health through the support of IT tools and medical-patient communication techniques. Solutions and information technology network applied to human’s health.